TEDA Company Limited was established in 1975. Started with Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) System installation in buildings and factories then moved into high voltage transmission system construction in early 1980s. Following is a briefed business history of TEDA since its founding.


1975 Incorporated M&E system installation by undertaking an interior wiring and simple electrical system installation for commercial buildings and industrial plants.
1975-1985 Expanding into more complex operation, including electrical design and construction of transmission lines & distribution lines and substations.
1986 Entering into high voltage projects as a subcontractor to construct two 115 kV substations in Phuket and Pang-Nga for EGAT.
1987 Awarded a subcontract to construct the 230 kV transmission line from Khanom to Suratthani.
1988 Awarded as Joint Venture with foreign companies for EGAT’s substation and transmission projects worth more than 1.5 billion Baht.
1990 Started to bid under its sole name to construct turnkey basis substations, both conventional and gas-insulated switchgear, transmission lines & distribution lines for EGAT, PEA and MEA.
1994 Awarded a contract to construct high voltage transmission line in Lao PDR and got several contracts including the biggest 230 kV substation in Thailand as owned by The Cogeneration Plc. in Rayong.
1995-1996 Continued expansion in high-voltage work as well as in its range of mechanical and electrical system services M&E to include air-conditioning, plumbing, instrumentation, and sanitary services; awarded a subcontract by Fujikura Company Limited for optic-fiber installation for telecommunication system.
Achieved a peak annual turnover of more than 3.0 billion Baht, employing over 1000 staff including 110 engineers.
1997-1998 Awarded two major transmission-line contracts from PEA and EGAT, but generally refraining from taking on further work according to the nationwide credit crunch due to following the Baht float on July 2, 1997.
1999 Awarded ISO 9001 certification in December.
2000-2007 Entered into Business Rehabilitations Plan as impacted by the nationwide economic crisis.
2008 Restored its financial strength and fully completed the Rehabilitation Plan in July 2008.
Executing the Substation and Transmission Line projects of EGAT and MEA.
2011 Completed the turn key 500 kV GIS Substation of EGAT at On Nuch Substation and put into service since September 2011.
2013 – Present Entered in under group of SAMART Corporation as a subsidiary company of SAMART U-TRAN Co.,Ltd.


Currently its core business is turn-key contracting on high-voltage substation, transmission lines & distribution lines up to 500 kV System. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, TEDA also offers engineering and construction services on electrical and civil work for industrial project in Thailand.
TEDA is fully accepted by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) and Private IPP, SPP in Thailand and in neighboring countries for its standardized and highly reliable performance of services as executed their important construction projects for more than 20 years.
Becoming a first-time main contractor of Thai-owned that has been awarded a 500 kV substation construction project on turn-key basis by EGAT of about 700 million Baht worth, has proved a great step of TEDA’s success to future move.
Having firmly financed strong support under SAMART Corporation Group would enable TEDA much more capacity of resources to undertake much more coming construction contracts in the values over than thousand million Baht to show its professionalism in the field of power development sector to the interested Developers or Utilities or Private Owners in many years ahead.